What is the length of stay required for teaching with the Myanmar mission?  You will be working at building a relationship with your students so we ask for a minimum 2-week visit.

Where will we be staying and teaching?  The accommodations and teaching will be at the modest yet clean Hotel Ruby in ruby dining roomYangon.   Teaching will take place in the dining room (pictured to the right). Visit the Hotel Ruby website to see the hotel.

How can I donate to the Myanmar Mission trip?  You can donate to the mission by sending a check through the mail to the Keizer Church of Christ 5405 Ridge NE  Keizer, Oregon 97303.  Make checks payable to the “Keizer Church of Christ”  and be sure to indicate in the memo line that the funds are for the Mynamar mission.  If the funds are for a specific team member, you need to indicate that in a separate note or on the memo line of the check.

Can I donate electronically?  At this time we cannot receive electronic payment.  But, you can use your bank’s bill pay option to have a check sent to the Keizer Church of Christ.  Follow the same instructions indicated above.

What is Myanmar like today?  Here is a short video from the Mynamar tourism department that gives you a picture of Myanmar today.  Notice in it how important Buddhism is to Myanmar’s identity.