Ropes course 2013_2Core Vision

The ultimate goal of the Youth Ministry is to nurture our young people so that they become life-long disciples of Jesus Christ.  The following two convictions guide the ministry:

  1. Centered on Family.   Parents are primarily responsible for the spiritual development of their children.  Consequently, care will be taken to ensure that youth events do not compete with families and their time together.
  2. Integrated with the Body.  Youth activities should supplement and not compete with other important congregational activities.  Consequently, as much as possible the youth program will seek to integrate young people into the lives of members of our congregation from all ages.


Implementation Plan

  • Youth Steering Committee.   Planning and implementation of activities and programs for grades 6-12 will be directed by the Youth Steering Committee and shared between parents, youth, or other interested church members rather than being directed by a single individual.  The YSC, chaired by an Elder, is specifically responsible for…
    • Organizing Wednesday night devotionals
    • Planning the Monthly Teen Event
    • Planning the Summer Teen Mission Trip
    • Communication with all interested parties
  • Quarterly Parent Meetings will be held to ensure...
    • Two-way communication between YSC and parents
    • Brainstorming for future events and activities


Core Components of the Youth Ministry 

  • Youth Spiritual Development Plan (YSDP) – Every year, elders meet individually with parents of teenagers to discuss spiritual goals for their children.  This is a time of prayer, planning, and encouragement designed to help parents in their role of raising faithful children.
  • Bible Classes – Classes for Middle School and High School students (excluding the Wednesday night HS devotional) are part of the overall education ministry of the church and coordinated by the children’s education committee.
  • Weekly Devotional – Wednesday evenings the high school students meet for an informal time of devotion.  Devotionals consist of singing, prayer, and open discussion of the Bible AND its direct application to the life of young people.  Once per quarter the Middle School students join the High school students for the devotional.
  • Monthly Activity – One activity per month for middle-school and high-school students will be scheduled, promoted, and administered by the YSC.   This activity is mainly a “fun” or “service” experience designed to build positive relationships between Christian teens.  Each activity, however, will also include some explicitly spiritual content (devotional, prayer time, lesson, etc) that reminds teens of the bond that holds them together.
  • Summer Mission Trip –The YSC conducts a mission trip focused on service or evangelism.  Building on Acts 1:8, the YSC hopes to accomplish missions “Near and Far” on a rotating basis.
  • Tuesday Night Teens (TNT) – During the summer months our teens join with other area youth for a special Tuesday night worship time, hosted at different churches.

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