IMG_0113I don’t know about you, but I had a great time this past Sunday morning! “Worship in the Park” was a good experience all around and was well worth the effort required to put it together. Here are some highlights from my point of view.

1. The weather was absolutely perfect. I prayed that God would provide weather that would not distract us from worshiping him together, but that was above and beyond what I asked.

2. There was great cooperation! A lot of folks had a hand in pulling this off and it came together well. Todd Merklin was a dynamo! He helped organize and promote the whole thing. He did all the shopping and spent most of Saturday doing food prep. He even chopped onions with his swim goggles on because there were so many. Wish I had picture of that!

Julie Boatner made our song sheets and thought of a hundred details I wouldn’t have. Grant Long organized and lead a solid worship service and a send-off blessing for our Summer Teen Mission Team while under fire from the soccer game next door. Jim and Lori Deibert prepared the Lord’s Supper. Zach Broberg set-up our sound system and Garrin Schneider was our parking lot Banner Boy! Thanks to Greg and Kay Swires and Melynda Falzone for helping organize the food and clean-up. Folks brought a wide variety and ample amounts of side dishes and desserts. And to top it off Mike and Hilda Bough surprised us with flower arrangements for the picnic tables.Worship in teh park 3

3. There were several good conversations. I think being out of our usual setting, having a delicious lunch ready to eat and a relaxed atmosphere created the opportunity to for us to just enjoy visiting with one another. I saw a lot of folks enjoying each others’ company and spending time together that they wouldn’t have other wise. Friendships grow when table fellowship is a part of our lives.

4. There were some new faces amongst us. We didn’t have a lot of visitors this time, but we had a few and I know they were well received. As we continue to create opportunities to invite others into our lives I am confident God will bring us into the lives of people who are grasping for him.

Last, we did a something new. It is very important that we get comfortable with trying new things. There is tremendous value in routine and regularity. There is also value in flexibilty and a willingness to experiment. We learn a lot by just saying to ourselves “Well, we haven’t done this before, but let’s try it, and see how it goes.” Some times we just have to “give it the old college try” and see what happens in order to grow in our faith and to further our witness.

So thanks to everyone for a good day together. Looking forward to the next one! See you Sunday, Hoj