A couple of months ago we had a congregational workday at the building. One of the projects on the list, which was IMG_0487noticeable right away, was removing the arborvitae bushes from the front of our building. They had been planted next to our sprinkler valve boxes and had grown over them, so we could not repair or expand our sprinkler system IMG_0486They also made it difficult for newcomers to locate the entrance to our building. So, we pulled them out to make improvements. For a few weeks there you might have thought it looked worse than better with bare soil and a semi-circle of dead grass.

Well, if you haven’t been at the building this week for VBS, which by the way has gone great, you are in for a surprise! On Monday, Mike Broberg and Brian Hanssen and his boys installed our new entry way landscaping, and it looks great!

By the way have you met the Hanssen family yet? Brian and Coleen have been friends of Mike and Mia Broberg for a long time. They started to get involved with us when the Brobergs invited them to the “Art of Marriage” class on Wednesday nights this past winter. The have three boys, Logan, Parker and Garret who are all pretty cool cats. Logan will be with our teens on our Summer Teen Mission Trip in July. Brian is a landscape architect by trade and it is easy to see that he is good at what he does. Mike and the Hanssens worked all day and into the evening Monday and the new look is great. The entry looks much nicer, will be much more attractive and user-friendly for visitors and we have working sprinklers to boot!

So, make sure to meet the Hanssens and to give them and Mike Broberg a big “ThankYou” on Sunday. They put in a big effort and it paid off for all of us! Thanks Fellas!